A snack whilst you FIGgure out what to eat?
olives & house pickles 
warm bread, smoked butter, fig leaf oil 
dukka spiced nuts 

2 courses £20 – 3 courses £25
whipped feta & dill, roast beetroot, slow roast tomatoes, figs
ham hock & green peppercorn terrine, remoulade, pickled veg, toast
local fish cake, devon crab salad, brown crab mayo
fowey mussels mariniere, warm bread, aioli
slow roast cornish pork belly, veggies, roast potatoes, yorkies, apple cider sauce, real gravy
roast topside of devon beef, veggies, roast potatoes, yorkies, real gravy
devon fish stew, warm bread, aioli
chickpea, lentil, cavolo nero & potato curry, parsnip bhaji
sticky toffee, salted caramel sauce, brown butter ice cream
fig leaf panna cotta, rhubarb ice cream, granola
homemade ice cream, tanya’s white chocolate & orange cookies
local cheese, red onion & fig marmalade, crackers, smoked butter